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Family quality care for your Parents
Our Transit Care Hub now offers full end to end support to seniors travelling to or transiting through Delhi NCR for medical treatment or other engagements. Our knowledgable and resourceful Hub team can provide hand-holding and be at your side from the time you or your dear ones reach Delhi NCR through the entire stay so that you are relieved of any stress. You can expect the same trusted care that Samarth provides at home in your city or to community members across the country.

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About Samarth Transit Care Hub

As part of our services, we cover

  • Pre-Arrival Support
    Includes help in identifying a suitable Doctor / Hospital and support for any pre-visit consultation.
  • On Arrival and Stay
    Includes receiving you at the airport / station / bus stand, arranging accommodation for period of stay, transport, food, and any other logistics. Booking doctor appointments, accompanying on visits, arranging medical support required outside the hospital (eg. Nurse, medical equipment, Physiotherapy etc.) or after the procedures and treatment and assistance with insurance claim processing.
  • Post visit
    Following up with queries or report reviews with the doctor, so that the need for you to travel again is minimized

Our packages starting with Rs. 6,000 (5,000 for Samarth care members) are designed to provide you complete peace of mind and a trusted support for everything you need in the city as a visitor.

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Nishi & RK Sinha, GURGAON

“For so many years, I could not leave my wife and go out as she was completely dependent on me. Since I have had the support of Samarth Care, both Nishi, my wife and I feel very confident with my travels. It is a joy to see Nishi laughing again and playing Ludo with Dipti, our care counsellor.”

Anshula and Vinod Subramani, SOUTH KOREA

(Daughter and Son in law of Meera and Dr. Hari Om Tandon, MUMBAI)

“You have founded an amazing initiative in Samarth. If it were not for Rashmi, our care counsellor, taking care of our father and his chemotherapy, we would have to personally travel to Mumbai to take care of everything. I don’t’t know how you find such caring care counsellors.”

Rajesh Johar, SINGAPORE

(Son of Kiran and Ramesh Johar, JAMSHEDPUR)

“Clearly Samarth fills up a huge gap in India, especially for people like me who cannot be there in person to care for our parents.”

Vijay, Ranjit and Umesh Rajmani, UNITED STATES

(Sons of Late R. Rajmani, Noida)

“Thank you very much for the excellent care that Samarth provided for our father. You were our trusted confidantes through the entire period of nearly two years and the personal touch you provided was much appreciated by him and us.”

Arti Caprihan, UNITED STATES

(Daughter of Renu Kumar, NEW DELHI)

“My mother keeps travelling from India to spend time with me and my sisters in the US and UK. We started with Samarth to ensure that she returns to a welcoming and clean home which is extremely important given her allergies. Subsequently the Samarth care counsellor has become a good friend and companion for her.”

Sunandini Lal, SINGAPORE

(Daughter of Kanchan Arora, NEW DELHI)

“Swati, you and our care counsellor, are our guardian angels. So happy we found you. Thank you for everything you are doing for us.”

Reba Mukherji, NEW DELHI

“I can not thank Samarth and Swati enough for helping me through my eye treatment, accompanying me to the hospital and your efforts in getting the insurance claim was just stupendous. It would not have been possible without you.”

Mithilesh and VK Gupta, MUMBAI

“We started with Samarth in Mumbai because my wife Mithilesh was not keeping well. Rashmi, our care counsellor and the Samarth team went beyond expectation and extended help not only with her therapy, health and diet but she also got our passports renewed. She even cooked and brought us pao bhaji like our daughter. Samarth is continuing to support us in Delhi as we have come here for her treatment. “

Subroto Chakraborty, SINGAPORE

(Nephew of Joya and Debdutta Bhattacharya, KOLKATA)

“Thanks for bringing Joy and smiles in our lives. Having Samarth with us is such a peace of mind.”


(Son of Asha Bishnoi, NOIDA)

“Thank you, Gaurav and Swati for all your support and ongoing care for my mom. It gives my tremendous peace of mind knowing you and Samarth is there at all times. Your support, without doubt has been sterling and totally reliable.”


(Daughter of Mohan Naidu, CHENNAI)

“My dad is new to Samarth and is loving the experience with the team. I really appreciate the report you send me.”

Himadri Bhattacharya, UNITED STATES

(Son of Swarnashri and Dr. Har Prasad Bhattacharya, GURGAON)

“Thanks for everything you do for my parents. I am not a man of many words but I can not express enough gratitude to Samarth.”

Advisory Counsil

Maxwell Pariera
Jt. Police Commisioner of Delhi (Retd.)

Rajendra Prasad
Former President & CFO SRF India Ltd.

Probir Sen
Vice President, Helpage India Ex-Chairman, Air India.

Asha Das (Retd.)
Secretary, Min. of Women & Child Development

N. Sriram
Managing Trustee, Samriddhi foundation, Chennai.

Manu Raman
Former COO, Mu Sigma Co-founder Goodhandsan eldercare pioneer in Bangalore.

Dr. Nagendra Swamy
Former Group Medical Director, Sr. President and Chairman Quality Council

Vivek Atrey
IAS, Former Deputy Commissioner,
Panchkula Distt.

RM Agarwal
General Manager (Retd.) Indian Railways

Anupam Bhasin
Educationist & Consultant Former Director, Hero Group

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We are building Samarth with the singular mission of bringing peace of mind and happiness to elderly in India, and their children like us who care for them.

Our Story

We are building Samarth with the singular mission of bringing peace of mind and happiness to elderly in India, and their children, like us, who care for them.

Lack of adequate care and trusted support for seniors is a real issue in India. As a result, most elderly compromise on their needs and lifestyle despite financial independence. Social changes, are accelerating the magnitude of this problem. We are determined to try and solve it for our parents and the elderly through Samarth.

Meet the team

Our inspiration for establishing Samarth was taking care of our own parents. At Samarth, everything we do is put to a simple test:

‘What will we do for our own Parents?’