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Join tens of thousands of fellow senior citizens in more than 100 cities of India, who do not want age to come in the way of pursuing a positive, healthy, fulfilling and independent lifestyle. Interact, pursue common interests and continue to make a difference to the world around you with like-minded people and also avail special privileges and offers. Membership to this community is open only to men and women who are Fifty years or more.

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If you have queries related to money matters, rules and regulations, health, wellness etc., get guidance from our free expert sessions and webinars or access our empanelled advisors.

Elder Care at Home

Your personal Samarth card signals the support of the community with you, that you care for other elderly & stand for change. The membership also brings recognition with businesses & service providers.


Meeting new people, joining new groups has proven benefits as we grow older. Connect with like-minded members in your city & around the country. Do something together or just share and enjoy.

Elder Care at Home

Save healthcare expenses including hospitals, consultations, tests, medicines, home care across 5,000+ hospitals and providers; on range of products to make your life easier; tours for seniors and much more.


You have ideas, you like to write, offer advice, or part-time services. Samarth offers you a convenient platform. As a member of a large influential community, help make it a better world for crores of elderly in India.

Community Membership Benefits

  • 20% Discount on Medicine Purchases
  • Complimentary Samarth Printed Magazine subscription (4 editions)
  • Weekly Samarth Knowledge Centre Newsletter
  • Access to Exclusive Online Sessions with Financial Experts, Doctors
  • Weekly Zoom Sessions on Entertainment for Senior Citizens
  • Access to social causes, volunteering opportunities and jobs
  • Exclusive Help Desk for Assistance with Matters Pertaining to Senior Citizens
  • Recommended Products Handpicked for Senior Citizens

Community Membership

per month 50 ₹100 (50% off)
(payable annually)

What Samarth members are saying about the Community

In my association with Samarth for over two years, I am very impressed by the simplicity, honesty and the personal touch that it provides to Seniors. We are made to feel special and encouraged to experience new things. Keep it up Samarth.
Elder Care at Home

Yashpal Mehta


My being part of the Samarth community has inspired me to start supporting poor elderly in a village near my house, among other activities with fellow members in Gurgaon. I feel it is God's work and I am proud to be part of Samarth Community.

Jaswant Rawat


It is a pleasure to be associated with Samarth for last 5 years. Our Chapter members in Kolkata have done so many things together. May god bless Samarth.
Elder Care at Home

Margaret Devdasson


Thanks for such lively and entertaining online sessions with Samarth Community members. Meeting old and new friends, watching Yashpal ji dance, Indira ji make educated guesses... it feels wonderful.
senior care

Bharti Shah


It is always a pleasure to remember our trip to Dubai and the days spent with the Samarth team and other members. I look forward to joining your next tour.

S.D. Shukla


In our Samarth Chapter meeting, we motivated the members for organ donation and helped fill the pledge forms. All of us felt very happy that we can help others in so many ways.
senior care

J.S. Kathuria